staff member listening to a suspended glass tube
Caitlin Kiley

Science isn’t just quirky and fun and wondrous here at Discovery Museum, it is those things everywhere: down the street, around the world, beyond our galaxy, and within each tiny connection in our brains. I came to the Museum after teaching science to college freshmen and, before that, many years in research earning my Ph.D. in neuroscience. The playfulness, surprise, and puzzles in STEAM help keep me curious, asking questions, and aware that I may not know, but I can try to find out.

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two boys work with translucent geometric shapes at a light table
May 13, 2019

As I make my way around the museum floor, I see eight students huddled around our three Sand Spinners, focused on the patterns they are creating together. I mentally note that they have been there for a while—a good sign of student engagement. I... READ MORE