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Jill Foster

When kids “do science,” magic happens. Not wizard or mystical magic, but the magic of a child’s mind opening up to incredible possibilities in him- or herself, and in their world. I’ve been developing curriculum and managing the museum's field trip and Traveling Science Workshop programs for more than 20 years, and I can tell you: experiencing that moment with a child never, ever gets old. I earned a BA in zoology from University of New Hampshire and studied at the Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry and Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, MA before coming to the Discovery Museum. Recently I have enjoyed developing several new pilot programs for our Traveling Science Workshop curriculum in alignment with the new Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards, as well as supporting our great instructors and field trip team as they support the schools. It is a very exciting time in science education!

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five 5th graders gather around a table, while one pulls the string attached to a toy with wheels
November 4, 2015

Empty oatmeal boxes, paper cups, string, wire hangers.  Berry baskets, spatulas, and funnels. Bananas, rubber bands, flowers. Toys. Hidden within each of these common objects is a world of science just waiting to be discovered. Science is all... READ MORE