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A small girl in a yellow dress looks at a big yellow caterpillar on a branch
Tuesday, June 8 through Sunday, June 20; closed noon to 1:00 for caterpillar rest —Drop in
Free with admission

Join us as The Caterpillar Lab, located in Malborough, NH, takes over our Community Gallery and turns it into a mini version of their own lab space! Come see a huge variety of New England caterpillar species showcased on open-air displays of local plants. Get up close to enormous giant silk moth caterpillars, fierce-looking snake-mimicking caterpillars, convincing twig-mimiking caterpillars, and bubbly butterfly caterpillars. Witness rare moments of metamorphosis and watch ecological relationships play out first-hand under a digital microscope. Be sure to chat with the educators from The Caterpillar Lab--you're sure to discover something new! Learn more about The Caterpillar Lab at