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three children do an experiment with eye droppers and flashlights, with an adult
Friday, May 5, 2017 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
—Drop in
Science Discovery Museum

What’s it like to be a scientist or engineer? Find out during this special program where you can talk to real scientists and engineers and do the hands-on activities they’ve developed to showcase their work. Discover why they find STEM cool and exciting while learning about their research and interests.

Scheduled to participate are:

José Alvarado, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Feel the effect of flexor- and extensor-muscles on the opening angle of your hand. Open and close your hand. How did your muscles move to do that?”

Erika Amir-Lin, PG, AECOM – Did you know that most of the water we drink in Massachusetts comes from under the ground?  Experiment with hands-on aquifer models to see how we get water out of the ground and what happens when we take too much out!

Dipa Desai, AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellow, Citizen Schools – Investigate how paleontology illustrates climate change.

Chunlei Tang, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School – Seeing your life in data! Learn from a data scientist how beautiful data can be, and how data is changing our behavior and lifestyle.

Dr. Kun-Ta Wu, Postdoctoral Associate/Lecturer, Brandeis University – Have you wondered how water moves through pipes and tubes? Are there new ways to transport fluids without pumps? Learn how scientists have discovered a way, by adding kinesin-driven microtubules, to make water pump itself.

This event is led by scientists participating in our Science Communication Fellowship program.