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a young girl is excited by what she just saw while looking through a microscope
Friday, May 4, 2018 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
—Drop in
Free with admission

What’s it like to be a scientist or engineer? Find out in this special program where you can talk to real scientists and engineers and do the hands-on activities they’ve developed to showcase their work. Discover why they find STEM cool and exciting while learning about their research and interests. This event is led by scientists participating in our Science Communication Fellowship program.

Scheduled scientists and activities include:

Nancy Knoblock Hunton, MS
Health and Science Writer

Test your knowledge of nutrition.  Learn how to build a balanced plate, be sugar smart, and decipher food labels.  

Jason Coutermarsh

Learn to program a robot to navigate a maze, using just colored blocks! Explore how light, motors, computer chips and wireless communication work together in this interactive exhibit.

Julie Klaric, PhD Candidate
Brandeis University

Explore the microbial universe! Learn about the various kinds of microbes and the differences between bacteria and viruses.

Dr. Donald E. Hunton
US Air Force Research Laboratory (retired)

How did your smart phone get so smart?  Learn how GPS figures out where you are and explore a few ways that the environment can interfere with GPS and make it work less well than it should.  

Prof. Maxim Olshanii
University of Massachusetts Boston
Explore a simple homemade simulator that illustrates the principles of Einstein’s Special Relativity.

Rohini Vishwanathan, PhD
Learn about how nutrients found in dark green leafy vegetables, bright yellow fruits and vegetables, avocados and eggs act as natural filters to protect our eyes from damaging blue radiation in sunlight.