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A man is pointing at a picture of the earth and talking to a child
Friday, December 7, 2018 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
—Drop in
Free with admission

What’s it like to be a scientist or engineer? Find out in this special program where you can talk to real scientists and engineers and do the hands-on activities they’ve developed to showcase their work. Discover why they find STEM cool and exciting while learning about their research and interests. 

Participants include:

Lauren Byrd-Leotis, PhD, Harvard Medical School - Did you know animals get the flu too? Learn about influenza A virus, why certain strains infect birds and not humans, and how we study these virus-host interactions.

Zhu Mao, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell - From Music to Noise: Understanding sound and vibration around us through visualization of vibrational patterns and hands-on experience

Ajay Satpute, PhD, Northeastern University Fear is a powerful emotion, but what exactly is it made of? To examine the psychology and neuroscience of fear, scientists need to find ways to make people feel afraid and measure their behavioral and brain responses--all in a safe environment! Attendees will create their own unique fear profiles (what makes you afraid?), identify where in their bodies they feel fear (using an emBody tool), experience different varieties of fear, and learn about how the brain creates fear.

This event is led by scientists participating in our Science and Engineering Communication Fellowship program.