Why do sounds, shadows, and objects seem different at night? Step into the dark and explore in this indoor backyard!

In this Exhibit

an indoor tent is lit up from the inside
Shadow Tent

Explore shadow play by lanternlight and perform a shadow puppet show. When you get tired, snuggle inside the tent for a campout. 

a mom and son pretend to cook food over a pretend campfire
Pretend Campfire

Sit on log stools around the campfire and share your favorite songs. Or, pretend to be an animal--how do you think different animals would act around a campfire? 

two boys sit inside a pretend tree with a slide
Treehouse and Slide

Become a little squirrel and scurry up the inside of our climbing tree. Greet friendly, nighttime, stuffed creatures, and come back down through the tree slide. Don't forget to explore among the roots under the tree - you never know what treasures you may find!