Try your hand at using some new tools, engineer multiple solutions to a design problem, or invent a new contraption. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of different designs and prototypes. After an afternoon designing you just might be inspired to raid your home recycling bin to build the greatest, most spectacular, design solution the world has ever seen!

In this Exhibit

a boy builds a structure with narrow wood blocks
Building Zone

Design and build structures using a variety of wood shapes, planks, blocks, and bamboo. Explore architecture and engineering as you construct buildings, towers, and bridges in creative and surprising ways.

children saw and hammer at a work bench, wearing safety goggles
Inventor's Woodshop

Learn woodworking skills as you design and construct your own unique project with hand tools and wood.

a woman and young girl work together making a collage of recycled materials
Crafts Table

Use your imagination and engineering skills to invent new creations using recycled materials.