Discovery Woods has multiple options for moving around the space, accessing the Treehouse and exhibits, and exploring! The space is inclusive and fully accessible.


In this Exhibit

view of a flat wooden walkway leading to a treehouse in the woods
Elevated, Accessible Walkway & Observation Deck

Follow the accessible, elevated walkway through the air and make observations above and below as you make your way to the Observation Deck and Treehouse. Note what you see and and make comparisons (How high am I? How windy is it?) and look above and below with periscopes along the way. Talk to people on the path below with talking tubes. 


a sign that says Discovery Woods is shown, with a treehouse in the background
Welcome Deck

Orient yourself to Discovery Woods from our welcome deck, and choose your  pathway: go down the log steps into the Woodland Nook, along the accessible, elevated walkway to the Observation Deck and Treehouse, or along the winding ground-level accessible Adventure Pathway to the Cargo Net Climb and beyond.

a wooden walkway leading to a treehouse
Bouncy Bridge

How do you cross the gap between the Treehouse deck and the top of Slide Hill? On the Bouncy Bridge! Can wood bend and bounce? Find out firsthand when you cross these long wood planks. 


wooden steps made from vertical pieces of logs
Locust Log Steps

Scramble downhill to the Woodland Nook on a fun locust log stairway.