Be enlightened!  Play with properties of light as you bounce, color, block, and bend it using mirrors, prisms, lenses, colored filters, and more. Mix colors with spinning tops, write your name in light, and even capture your own shadow as you discover a whole new world!

In this Exhibit

a woman's shadow against a green wall
Shadow Wall

Freeze your shadow on a phosphorescent wall with a flash of light. Cooperate with a friend to create unique shadows and add details with light pens.

two girls sit on stools, working at a countertop in front of a wall of photos arranged by color
Rainbow Wall

Look at a creative collage of colorful objects, from scallop shells to amethysts, that represent the full spectrum of visible light. Use color filters in the Light Boxes below to change the color of familiar objects and peer into the Ultraviolet Viewer to see minerals and other everyday objects in "black" light.

a 6-sided solid column on a table has beams of light coming out at the bottom
Lighthouse of Lenses

Bend and refract parallel beams of light using right angle, convex, and concave lenses. Project and enlarge images using filters and magnifiers.

a distorted image next to a mirrored pole becomes legible on the pole
Magic Mirror and Mirror Wells

Experiment with mirrored curves and angles transform distorted images into recognizable pictures and 2-D patterns into 3-D shapes.