Feel the force! From our giant radar magnet to our chaotic pendulum, discover the attraction! Use the force between two magnets to make unpredictable things happen. Try making the invisible visible, with some common household materials.

In this Exhibit

a young boy puts washers on a giant magnet, while his mom looks on
Radar Magnet

Feel and see the powerful pull of a giant radar magnet. Use washers to trace and discover its magnetic field and create sculptures using invisible forces.

colorful paperclips are arrayed in a pattern on a plastic screen that sits over a magnet; some clips are standing upright
Magnet Area

Discover amazing 3-D magnetic field patterns using color paperclips and a variety of magnets. Float magnets on a balance and see a magnetic pendulum swing in suprising ways as the magnets attract and repel one another.

a boy and his mom look at magnetic particles suspended in a clear liquid in a tube

Use magnets to move magnetic materials and see how size effects their behavior. Discover the special properties and fascinating behavior of nanometer scale ferrofluid.