Surprising materials and creative challenges, games, and puzzles will draw you into fun explorations of math concepts. Discover relationships and patterns with rubber bands and geometric shapes, create moving systems with different size gears, use pretend scoops of ice cream to explore combinations and permutations, and discover what can be said with just 9 letters. Measure yourself in nanometers; see tiny details in your skin, feathers, microchips, and more when you make things 10 or 20 times larger; and discover how similar patterns emerge at all scales from microscopic to cosmic.

In this Exhibit

a boy stacks round balls onto wooden cones, which look like ice cream cones

Pretend you can have 2 scoops of ice cream and there are 4 flavors to choose from. How many choices do you have? Explore combinations and permutations with this fun, creative math problem.

a boy stands on a stool to drop a ball down a wall display
Probability Wall

Send balls through a wall-sized probability board and generate a graph of stacked balls that shows the probability of different pathways.

two girls stand in front of a magnetic board, combining shapes to make patterns
Pattern Board

Be inspired by quilt patterns from around the world and create your own designs with colorful geometric shapes on a large magnetic wall.

rows of nails inserted in a blue board, with colorful rubber bands stretched across them in a pattern

Create colorful geometric shapes, angular designs, and creative patterns when you stretch rubber bands and attach them to nails.