We have outdoor exhibits throughout our campus in addition to what you'll find in Discovery Woods. Check out these classic favorites!

In this Exhibit

a large dinosaur statue being washed by children

Bessie is our dinosaur mascot who graces our front lawn. You can sit on Bessie and lay on her tail. Occaisionally, we even give her a bath! Be sure to notice if she is wearing one of her many fun hats when you visit. 

a large set of white pvc tubes of varying heights and angles are attached together to make a large musical instrument

Make joyful music as you slap on 25 white tubes that stretch above and twist around each other. This one-of-a-kind sculptural instrument, created by internationally renowned artist Arthur Ganson, is sure to catch your eye and challenge you to make beautiful sounds.

a young girl stoops to explore a large rock with a magnifying glass, and is making notes on a clipboard

An unassuming, natural space where all you need is your imagination!  Fairyborough is the perfect place to build homes for fairies and gnomes, erect stick forts, scramble on rocks, or just enjoy a snack.  This space showcases volunteer projects and is always changing.  Most recently we've been excited to work with high school students on people-sized nests, and a local Eagle Scout on a percussion wall. Discover what's new in Fairyborough on your next visit. 

a small boy stares up at a giant globe
Earth Geo-Physical Globe

See the world from a new perspective as you walk around a 6 foot diameter globe of Earth. This special Rand McNally & Company globe shows the topography, or relief, of Earth’s surface—even under the oceans! Look into the deep valleys and trenches of the ocean bottom and discover why Earth is also called the Water Planet.

Visitor photo by Nick Mallard