Have you ever imagined what you would look like with two heads? Seen the world flipped upside down without standing on your head? Tried to complete a maze using a mirror? Discover a new perspective and change the way you see the world around you!

In this Exhibit

a girl stands next to the side of a mirror, seeing half of herself, doubled
Anti-Gravity Mirror

Float above the floor, become a twin, and see yourself reflected in a whole new ways!

two photographers squat in front of a distortion mirror
Foot Fun Mirror

Discover surprising shapes. Move close, far, up, and down and see in front of the curved mirror to see discover crazy and silly reflections. 

two adults look at their heat images on a thermal imaging screen
Infrared Thermal Imaging

Coats, mittens, and hats keep you cozy and warm! Explore the science of insulation and heat energy transfer using special thermal imaging cameras as you try on capes and build and insulate houses.

a boy shines a flashlight through a giant orb
Giant Orb

Look through a giant sphere of water and see things upside down and backwards. Learn how light moves through this giant lens as you shine light through it.