Make it! Feel it! See it! Hear it! Vibrations! Explore how sounds are made using all kinds of materials from tuning forks to rubber balls to dog food cans to metal washers. Make it loud, make it soft. Make it high, make it low. How will you control the volume and pitch of a sound? It’s a sound lab full of possibilities.

In this Exhibit

two children sit in a booth and experiment with tuning forks
Tuning Fork Booth

Hear, see, and feel sound vibration as you explore with tuning forks, using water to help see the impact of vibration.

a boy pushes on one of several rubber balls that are suspended on a wall  in a row
Rubber Ball Music Wall

Make joyful sounds with a wall-mounted collection of baked bean cans, peanut butter jars, reeds, pipes, and balls with this one-of-a-kind musical instrument designed by musician Leonard Solomon.

two girls stand on either side of a table with joinable pvc pipes sitting on it
Instrument Lab

Explore the basics of sound as you play a range of notes using simple materials, wind, strings, and percussion.  

a mom and son sit inside a small room with a pretend equipment panel. The words "recording booth" are stenciled on the clear glass door.
Recording Booth

Record your voice then play it back fast or slow to sound like a chipmunk or Darth Vader.

a boy bends down to put his ear to a glass tube, listening
Pipes of Pan

Listen to the background sounds in the air as you put your ear to glass tubes of different lengths. Each one captures a different resonance/pitch.

Photo courtesy of Raytheon