Pour, whirl, float, and get your hands wet as you control, move, divert, and explore the properties of water. There's nothing like the immersive, sensory experience of water to excite and engage!

In this Exhibit

Bubble Booth

Step inside the floor-to-ceiling "bubble hoop" to  surround yourself with bubble walls.

Pour & Explore

Use balls, beakers, cups and more to fill, pour and splash as you experiment with the properties of water flowing from  jets, nozzles, and streams.

Double Open Vortex

You've seen the giant Vortex. Now touch and experiment with these water vortices that are open at the bottom. What will happen when you place balls inside?

Laminar Lifter

Roll a ball down a track watch it lifted by a  40" water stream. How long will your ball be balanced at the top of the stream?


Use your engineering skills to use connecting blocks to build channels, pools, damns, and spillways on our trough of moving water.

Morphable Stream

A laminar stream that jets up 12" is your testing ground for forming water bells, discs, and other interesting shapes and patterns.


Control a 7-foot water vortex and tornado bottles and marvel at the beauty of spinning and spiraling water.

Sea of Clouds

Interact with a 5-foot bowl of fog! Use all your senses as you explore the dynamic properties of wind and clouds in the atmosphere.