Have you ever wished you could be in charge of creating the weather? Swirl up a storm using your hands in our Sea of Clouds, stop a tornado in its tracks by walking right through our Mist Tornado, and get another one started at our Water Vortex.

In this Exhibit

a clear 3-foot cylinder rises 7 feet tall, and has a spiraling water vortex inside
Water Vortex

Control a 7-foot water vortex and tornado bottles and marvel at the beauty of spinning and spiraling water.


Photo © Mitchell Green

a young boy reaches out into a 5 foot round table of mist
Sea of Clouds

Interact with a 5 foot bowl of fog! Use all your senses as you explore the dynamic properties of wind and clouds in the atmosphere. 

a girl stands in a clear chamber with mist rising under her feet
Mist Tornado

Step into an 8 foot mist tornado! See how your slightest movements can change the shape and patterns in the mist.

picture of a ladder leading up to a clear hatch in the ceiling, showing trees and sky outside
Sky Hatch

See large scale cloud photographs and look through the roof to make your own sky and weather observations.