Bricks, Sticks, & Arches

Put your architectural, engineering, planning, design, and construction skills to work! From mirror blocks to KEVA planks, from a large keystone arch to giant building blocks, builders of all ages and abilities can work collaboratively, solve problems, and think critically while stacking, building and creating.

Bricks, Sticks, & Arches is a rotating installation located in the Middlesex Savings Bank Community Gallery

In This Exhibit

Keystone Arch

It is a challenge and great fun to build a self-supporting structureyou'll need a partner!

Large Soft Blocks

Nest, mix, match, and construct mind-boggling structures!

KEVA Planks

Build bridges, construct castles, tinker with towers...what will you create?

Mirror Blocks, Alphabet Blocks, Recycled Materials, and more!

We've got all types of new and recycled materials to spur your creative building ideas!

Information Sharing

Beautiful banners co-created with illustrator, graphic designer, and educator Ingrid Hess teach children about basic architectural principles, and inspire their work.