Doggy Days: Taking Care of Abby

Having a pet is a big responsibility! Help Abby’s owner demonstrate some of the things she does to take care of Abby. How do you take care of yourself and the people and pets you love? Abby is a certified Therapy Dog from the Pets & People Foundation, which means she’s happy to meet both enthusiastic dog-lovers and anyone who’s curious but might be shy.

Backyard and Beyond: International Rock Flipping Day

Did you know that the second Sunday of September is International Rock Flipping Day? We’re celebrating a few days late with a walk through the conservation land to flip some rocks and explore the tiny and mysterious worlds underneath! Visit the IRFD website to take a look at what others have discovered and post your own photos: Please note that the conservation land trails are not ADA or stroller accessible;  please wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

Backyard and Beyond: Seed Walk

Late Summer/early Fall is the time when many trees and plants release their seeds to grow a new generation. These seeds have some ingenious ways of getting where they need to go. Some tempt animals to eat them, which gives them a free ride and provides fertilizer at the same time! Some parachute from trees, float on the air or water, or shoot out from seed pods like missiles. Join us on a nature walk to see what kinds of seeds we can find on the Great Hill Conservation Land!

Cold as Ice: Exploring a 300lb Block of Ice!

Get ready for a cold day in August! Make chilly discoveries when you put salt, coins, keys, and liquid watercolors on a 300-pound block of ice. Experiment with different types of salt as you explore the unique characteristics of this solid state of water. This program will happen light rain or shine. Heavy rain or other inclement weather may result in changes to the program, or cancellation.


Design, build, and explore a mysterious forest environment of fairy houses, gnome homes, and sprite skyscrapers, constructed completely out of natural materials and creativity. This changing and evolving temporary space will be put together by staff and visitors over the course of 6 days. This program will happen light rain or shine. Heavy rain or other inclement weather may result in changes to the program or cancellation.


All About Bees

  • Posted on: 1 July 2019
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

“How do bees make honey?”

“Do bees have hands?”

“What makes different honeys taste different?”

“How do bees make wax?”

These are some of the insightful questions we received at my All About Bees program at the Discovery Museum in the past two years.

Backyard and Beyond: Intro to Orienteering

Orienteering is a sport where participants find their way from checkpoint to checkpoint through the woods with the help of a map and a compass. This fun and easy introduction to orienteering is geared toward young children and their families. Follow the map around a short trail loop through the conservation land, collecting stickers as you find each checkpoint.  If you’ve orienteered before or you’re ready for more of a challenge we have three other orienteering maps, ranging in difficulty, for you to try! 

Wacky Bubbles

Can a bubble be flat? Can we make a bubble cube? How about a foamy bubble snake? Play and experiment with bubbles of different shapes and sizes. Inclement weather may result in changes to the program or cancellation.

50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

On this day 50 years ago the first humans landed on the moon as part of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. We’ll be celebrating this “giant leap for mankind” by using simple materials to design and build “landing pods” worthy of a moon landing, blasting off with stomp rockets, and more.

3 – 2 – 1  Lift off!