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a girl holds up her two hands that are completely coated with mud
Liz Leahey
August 28, 2017

This post originally appeared in June, 2017.

When we design programs at The Discovery Museums, we are always looking for ways to encourage people to step outside their comfort...

two college students in Boston College tshirts sit at a table in front of various toys and game pieces
August 2, 2017

Over the past year, the ABCD (All Boston College Development) psychology labs have been visiting The Discovery Museums in Acton, MA to conduct studies with the museum visitors and spread the...

a group of corporate volunteers in matching tshirts pause for a photo
Molly Bloom
June 2, 2017

Recently we celebrated National Volunteer Week to honor The Discovery Museums’ volunteers and the countless ways they support us. The non-volunteer staff wore “We Love Our Volunteers” buttons, and...

a child in rainboots kneels in front of a bucket of mud
Rachel Danford
April 6, 2017

So it’s raining, it’s been raining…sometimes Spring in New England feels like maybe it will rain forever! Home with a rambunctious 3-year old I found myself searching the internet for fun rainy...

rendering of new building interior space
Neil Gordon
March 8, 2017

Your Discovery Museums are about to change a lot…and, not at all.

On March 1, we announced Ready, Set, Build!—the culmination of a campaign through which your museums will become a...

three young adults stand together
Denise LeBlanc
February 16, 2017

Can your child name a living scientist? Can you?