2020 Appeal

Discovery Museum is more than just a place to visit. It’s a community of people—visitors, staff, volunteers, and partners—who all work together to bring our unique learning experiences to life.

Our dedicated staff members, including Assistant Director of Learning Experiences Liz Leahey, are all passionate about sparking children’s curiosity and encouraging playful exploration.

“In my role at the museum, I get to organize, design, and facilitate unique and hands-on science, engineering and art-based activities for our visitors. And, I get to do this alongside some other wonderfully creative folks in our Education Department. As I walk around our campus, I love overhearing the peals of laughter, squeals of excitement, and “oohs” and “ahhs” of a new discovery. These moments often make me pause to marvel in the innate creativity, curiosity and ingenuity of children—and just how important our work here is, providing spaces and experiences for children and their adults to learn and grow together.”

Please consider investing in our community with a tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund.