2021 Appeal

Every day at Discovery Museum, I get to see the scientific method in action through playful learning as kids investigate, try, tweak their approach, and try again—moving forward in pursuit of that joyous moment of discovery. It seems no matter the challenges they encounter, kids find a way to keep going.  

The pandemic certainly presented all of us at Discovery Museum with an enormous challenge, but just like the persistent mind of a child, we never stopped. We knew that losing ground, losing time, and losing creative and knowledgeable staff were not options. We knew we must emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever, with our experienced team intact, robust community relationships in place, and poised for new opportunities. And so, we are determined that 2021 be about moving forward and pursuing our long-terms goals, and not just surviving.

Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan was specifically designed to launch an evolutionary phase in which we would invest in exciting, new creative risks. This includes:

  • Prioritizing our work around the diversification of our audience and investment in making sure all whom we serve feel represented, welcomed, and at home at Discovery Museum.
  • Growing our impact in underserved communities through increased outreach programming including new virtual, school-based STEM experiences.
  • Becoming leaders in sustainability and implementing a plan that takes our entire operation closer to carbon neutrality.
  • Using our sustainability achievements as a platform to expand our outdoor education program so that it inspires children, through experiences in nature, to become active advocates for the natural environment through adulthood.

Unfortunately, the pandemic interrupted our progress, forcing us to redirect resources from these important strategic goals in order to keep our doors open and staff employed.

As we move forward in 2021 and shift our attention back to advancing these goals, we need your help. Our ability to earn revenue through visitation and school programs is limited in this pandemic environment, and so we are asking you to please consider making a donation to Discovery Museum to help us meet our 2021 needs.

You may pledge your support via an email to Karen Kerns and pay when you are ready prior to the end of our fiscal year on December 31. Immediate gifts can be made by credit card here.

Thank you!

Neil Gordon