Traveling Science Workshops: At-Home Activities

Make More Science Discoveries!

Recently staff from the Discovery Museum visited your child’s classroom with one of our many hands-on Traveling Science Workshops. It would be terrific for your child to be able to build upon and to share with you some of what he or she learned.

Below is a list of links to activity sheets that provide questions to help engage your child in a conversation about the workshop, and an activity that can be done at home. The questions allow your child to share their new knowledge and experience, and the activity further reinforces the concepts introduced by the workshop.

Chemistry Lab
Force and Motion
Green Engineering
Light and Color
Light and Lasers
Microscopes and Magnification
Physical Changes of Matter
Rocks and Minerals
Simple Machines
Static Electricity

6-Question Survey and a Free Museum Admission Coupon!

If your child enjoyed the workshop, she or he will most definitely find a visit to the Discovery Museum thrilling! A follow-up visit builds upon the classroom experience, encourages a deeper level of understanding, and supports a general excitement and confidence for “doing” science. 

Please consider helping your child to complete the 6-question workshop survey linked below, and to thank you we will send you a coupon that will admit one person into the museum for free when purchasing a full-price admission. The survey provides meaningful feedback that helps us to shape future workshop experiences.

Thank you!