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Rachel Danford

I joined Discovery Museum as the Outdoor and Environmental Educator after completing my PhD in Environmental Conservation and Policy at UMass-Amherst. My passion has always been to provide opportunities for people to connect with nature! I love how easy it is for children to engage with nature, and how they show me new and amazing things about the outside world. 

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child climbing tree
October 24, 2017

I am trying to look calm and cool on the outside but inside, my heart is pounding. “Watch this, momma!” my 4-year-old daughter squeals as she swings from a branch and just barely catches the boulder with her feet. Thankfully, as the... READ MORE

a child in rainboots kneels in front of a bucket of mud
April 6, 2017

So it’s raining, it’s been raining…sometimes Spring in New England feels like maybe it will rain forever! Home with a rambunctious 3-year old I found myself searching the internet for fun rainy day activities for little ones. I found, “10 indoor... READ MORE

three children are in the woods holding sticks and grasses
November 16, 2016

One of the main goals we had for Discovery Woods and our accessible Treehouse was to tempt families to get outside, and then encourage them to also explore the 183 acres of the Great Hill conservation land that abuts our property. Since the grand... READ MORE