Changing Exhibits

Velocity Engineering Lab

January 12 to April 28, 2019  June 9, 2019 (Extended!)

Balls, ramps, jumps, loops—and physics fun! Race golf balls along winding, sloping, and looping tracks and explore how gravity, friction, speed, and acceleration affect the velocity and trajectory of moving objects. 

Five distinct activity areas—a Roller Coaster and Serpentine, Jump Track, Loop Track, Half-Pipe, and Dish—demonstrate the speed, trajectory, velocity, and momentum of moving objects. Using golf balls, kids and their adults can create experiments and compare results with data visualization software that captures multiple test runs. Animated definitions of key physics principles correspond to videos of real-world examples.

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Love balls and ramps? Come experience Velocity! 

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Bricks, Sticks, & Arches

Returning Mid-June 2019

Put your architectural, engineering, planning, design, and construction skills to work! From mirror blocks to KEVA planks, from a large keystone arch to giant interlocking EverBlocks, builders of all ages and abilities can work collaboratively, solve problems, and think critically while stacking, building and creating.

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