We're going solar!

We recently completed site work needed to move forward on the Discovery Museum Sustainability Plan, announced in June. Reconfiguration of our parking area has created more and safer parking, new green open space, a new and safer driveway entrance, and will allow for installation of a 326kWh solar array over a portion of the parking lot. The solar array—representing CO2 reduction equal to preserving 317 acres of forest—will be operational in 2022, and will generate enough power to meet more than 100% of the Museum's electricity needs; excess energy will be sold at a discount to community organizations that otherwise might not be able to access renewable energy options.

We are thrilled to begin this work and set the Museum on a path to a more sustainable future. Our five-year Sustainability Plan outlines our approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and becoming carbon neutral; reducing water usage; minimizing waste generation; investing sustainably; and advocating for climate action. We will also create a signature environmental education effort where kids and families will connect with nature, learn in partnership with the natural world, and be inspired to advocate for sustainability—all in the fun, hands-on Discovery Museum way.

Our plan includes 29 action steps that span all areas of Museum operations. We will work to be visibly and demonstrably sustainable in our operations and to pursue our sustainability objectives in ways that promote access and equity. Thanks to the support of the $1M Sheth Sangreal Foundation Challenge, we will be able to devote the energy and resources necessary to set an example of leadership and action on this important topic. Details of the Challenge will be announced later this year.

For more information, please see the Discovery Museum Sustainability Plan or email CEO Neil Gordon.


The plan was unanimously approved by the Discovery Museum Board of Directors on June 10, 2021.