Discover da Vinci

At Discovery Museum, we celebrate the inspiring life of Leonardo da Vinci and support the same creative potential in all Museum visitors.

In the da Vinci Workshop and throughout the Museum galleries, be inspired by da Vinci’s passion for studying and exploring the wonder of the world around us. 

Outdoors on our campus, explore the Bridge, Vitruvian Man, and Lever exhibits that are inspired by da Vinci's perspective and work.

A Lifetime of Curiosity and Creativity

Leonardo da Vinci was a student of the world—who never went to school! Fueled by his own curiosity and wonder rather than a formal education, da Vinci was an inventor, sketch artist, mathematician, painter, engineer, sculptor, and architect. He was profoundly interested in ecology, anatomy, geology, astronomy, and botany.

The Study of Connections

Leonardo da Vinci believed that science, nature, and art were not entirely separate pursuits, but that each informed and enriched the other. For example, his study of the human body improved his painting; his observations of birds became the basis for sketches of flying machines.

Innovator and Risk-Taker

Many of da Vinci’s mechanical sketches were not built until long after his death. For instance, in the late 1400s, da Vinci sketched a design for an aerial screw, which is widely seen as a sort-of blueprint for helicopter technology. But in fact, the first helicopter would not fly until 1939. And yet da Vinci continued to envision new inventions and record his ideas—imagine if he had gotten frustrated and threw away his drawings of the things that didn’t work?! 

Resources and Explorations