Plans and Progress

Discovery Museum 5-year Strategic Plan

Adopted by the Museum's Board of Directors in 2019, the 5-year Strategic Plan guides the Museum’s annual planning and implementation of exhibits, programs, staffing, and outreach (in-school programs). The plan creates a framework and strategy for the annual budget setting process, identifying priorities for each year’s spending and development efforts. The plan’s performance metrics and annually established objectives serve as benchmarks for judging the Museum’s success on an annual basis. At the end of each year, the leadership team reports to the Board of Directors on progress in meeting performance benchmarks. 

For more information, please see the Discovery Museum Strategic Plan or email CEO Neil Gordon.

Discovery Museum 5-year Sustainability Plan

Approved by the Museum's Board of Directors in June 2021 as an Addendum to the Strategic Plan, the 5-year Sustainability Plan outlines 29 action steps across all areas of Museum operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become carbon neutral; reduce water usage; minimize waste generation; invest sustainably; and advocate for climate action. A cornerstone of the plan is the installation of a 326kWh solar array over a portion of our parking lot that will generate more than 100% of the Museum's electricity on site, with the excess sold to other nonprofit organizations at a discount. The solar array represents CO2 reduction equal to preserving 317 acres of forest and will be operational by July 2022. In June 2022 we will kick off a first-of-its-kind carbon offset program for members, staff, and volunteers. 

In these efforts we will work to be visibly and demonstrably sustainable in our operations and to pursue our sustainability objectives in ways that promote access and equity. Thanks to the support of the $1M Sheth Sangreal Foundation Challenge, we will be able to devote the energy and resources necessary to set an example of leadership and action in this important work. 

For more information, please see the Discovery Museum Sustainability Plan or email CEO Neil Gordon.

Discovery Museum Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion (DEAI) Framework

Approved by the Museum's Board of Directors in April 2021 as an Addendum to the Strategic Plan, the DEAI Framework provides structure for action and a system of accountability. Drafted over the span of a year with input from staff in all departments and guidance from our external advisors, the DEAI Framework outlines action steps across all aspects of our internal operations including hiring practices, marketing, governance, and audience engagement. While our intent in developing it was to be comprehensive, we recognize that this framework represents the next, but by no means final, phase in our evolution. As we move forward, we commit to changing course when needed as we gather insight from our community and learn from our experiences. We take this work seriously and we strongly believe that there is joy to be found in celebrating the unique lived experiences of the children and families we serve. Such joy can give rise to hope, which in turn can inspire action.

For more information, please see the Discovery Museum DEAI Framework or email CEO Neil Gordon.