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Field Trips to the Museum for School Groups

A Field Trip to the Discovery Museum offers groups many opportunities for hands-on play and exploration. Dynamic exhibit spaces engage children of all ages in imaginative play, science and engineering, mathematics, experimentation, problem-solving and creativity.

Preschool to Kindergarten

Discovery Museum offers young students a chance to immerse themselves in developmentally-appropriate play, which is essential to early learning and overall healthy development. A warm and welcoming place to visit, every space provides a learning opportunity. Exciting and memorable hands-on exhibits connect curious learners to a wide variety of curriculum areas, while supportive museum staff encourage students and chaperones to explore, imagine, question, problem-solve, cooperate, and collaborate.

Field Trip planning materials for Preschool to Kindergarten:

  1. PreK-K Chaperone Planner
  2. PreK-K Teacher Checklist

Grades 1 through 8

A Field Trip to the Discovery Museum is a compelling and fun way to introduce STEAM themes and provide hands-on opportunities for students to practice science and engineering, imagination and invention. Here, students play, observe, question, investigate, problem-solve, create, reflect, and share findings. Our hands-on exhibits and supportive education staff make learning exciting and memorable, while our topics and methods support the new Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework.

Learn from the experience of a 6th grade teacher who brings her class to the Museum each year in this blog post.

Field Trip planning materials for Grades 1 through 8:

  1. Grades 1-8 Chaperone Planner
  2. Grades 1-8 Teacher Checklist

Field Trips to the Museum for Out-of-School-Time Groups

Whether you are a community group, club, afterschool group, or scout troop a Discovery Museum Field Trip is a memorable way to create and spark the inner scientist in everyone. Both inside and outside exhibits focus on hands-on STEAM themes, including simple machines, light and color, air play and so much more. The Discovery Museum education staff support all ages of learning, encouraging play, investigation and creation. Learn more about the Discovery Museum and all of our hands-on exhibits!

Field Trip planning materials for Out-of-School-Time groups:

  1. Out-of-School Group Chaperone Planner
  2. Out-of-School Teacher Checklist

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Exhibit Areas

Learning themes at the Discovery Museum include Water; Air; Sound; Force & Motion; Math; Simple Machines; Light & Color; Building, Tinkering, & Engineering; and more. 

Visit our Exhibits page for more information.  

Booking Instructions and Pricing

For more information or to schedule a Field Trip, please email ctroccolo [at] (Carly Troccolo), Scheduling Manager, or email her at 978-264-4200 ext. 121. Or, fill out our Field Trip Booking Request form. If you need other assistance, please email kwatt [at] (Kathie Watt) or call her at 978-264-4200 ext. 122.

Pricing for Field Trips is $15.00 per student or chaperone, September through February, and $16.00 per student or chaperone, March through June. Teachers are always free!

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