Discovery at Home

Family Play and Learning at Home

Children learn through play, and these resources are intended as guidelines and inspirational starting points that can be adapted to your situation and your child. Expanding on your child’s curiosity is always the primary goal, even if that looks different than what the activity instructions suggest. We hope the links below inspire fun and interactive ways to play, learn, and explore with your children.

At-home activities from Discovery Museum staff

Backyard and Beyond

5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
Build a Bee Bath
Full Moon Walks
Giant Bubbles
Icy InvestigationsVideo: Colored Ice Art
Journey Sticks
Making Music in Nature
Nature Journals
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Patterns in Nature
Snow Day Science + Video: Make Your Own Snow
Tips for Getting Outdoors with Little Ones
Tracing Shadows
Water Filtration Experiment + Video: Experimenting With Water Filtration
Video: Flower Take Aparts
Video: Make a Bee Hotel
Video: Mud Painting
Video: Observing Outdoor Sounds
Video: Simple Scavenger Hunt Ideas
Video: Spring Nature Observations with Liz
Video: Things to Do With a Rock

Especially for Littles

Creative Caps
Flashlight Play
Greetings for a Caregiver
Messy-Sensory Guide

Everyday Engineering

Balls and Ramps + Video: Balls and Ramps with Household Items
Cup Towers
Engineer a Bird Feeder + Video: Backyard Birding with Little Ones
Let's Go Fly a Kite  +  Video: Tips for Making a Kite
Light Maze
Make a Buzzing Bee Hummer + Video: Make a Sound Sandwich
Make a Map for a Treasure Hunt
Make a Spinning Top + Video: Make Spin Art with a Spinning Top
Sail Mobiles
Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt + Video
Strike a Balance
Take Aparts
Taking Flight: Hoop Gliders and Flutter Fish
Tinfoil Ferries
Video: Make a Paper Helicopter

Kitchen Science

Autumn Leaf Chromatography+ Video: Fall Inspired Chromatography
Colors on the Move + Video: Colors on the Move
Make a Bubble Snake + Video: Make a Bubble Snake
Mix It Up
Oobleck + Video: Make Some Ooey Gooey Oobleck
Pasta Science with visual supports + Video: Be a Pasta Scientist
Sink or Float? + Video: Sink or Float?
Water Drop Races
Video: Making Rainbows

Make a Masterpiece

Create Your Own Découpage + Video: Create Your Own Découpage
Draw Your Own History Like Tree Rings + Video: Draw Your Own History Like Tree Rings
Dress Your Stuffed Pet + Video: Dress Your Stuffed Pet
Hammered Flower Prints
Make Your Own Stamps and Wrapping Paper + Video: Make Your Own Stamps and Wrapping Paper
Paint With What? + Video: Paint With What
Paint-sicles - with visual supports + Video: Making Paint-sicles
Paper Sculptures + Video: Paper Sculptures
Resist Painting
Rolling Action Art + Video:Paint with Marbles
Salad Spinner Spin Art
Story Stones
Subtractive Printmaking - with visual supports + Video: Multiplying Art with Printmaking
Sun-Melted Crayon Art + Video: Sun-Melted Crayon Art
Upcycled Art + Video: Creating Upcycled Artwork
Video: Cardboard Creations
Video: Foamy Fun Shaving Cream Art
Video: Rain Art Experiment
Video: Suncatchers

Math Mania

Birthday Square
Circle Hunt + Video: Measure for Pi
Toothpick Puzzles
Video: How Many Times Can You Fold a Piece of Paper?

Move Your Body

Balance Like an Animal
Video: Animal Movements