Immerse yourself in this vividly engaging exhibit gallery on the properties of light and color. A series of hands-on activities in a specially-designed darkened space use LEDs and new materials to create dramatic, high contrast, and aesthetically beautiful light and color interactives.

In this Exhibit

a young boy in a dark room looks at a display of colorful Gumby figures in a light box
Chaotic Chameleon

Place objects on a "stage" and scroll through light colors to see how the object's color changes based on the color of light that is shone on it. The special adjustable color LED lights allows you to easily change the colors that are reflected and seen.

two hands hold clear objects that beams of light are shining through

Manipulate pencil rays of colored light with mirrors and lenses to focus, reflect, and mix them to various effects. 

a young girl plays at a light table
Colored Shadows

This light table incorporates three colored LED lights which combine to produce white light. Use your hands and various props to create shadow patterns that reveal the colors of light that are mixed together.

a boy swings a light pendulum over a phosphorescent table

Swing a  light pendulum suspended over a rotating platter of phosphorescent material to produce a beautiful array of "spirograph" patterns. Change the swing of the pendulum or the speed of the rotating platter and see what happens! 

a young boy plays at a table of phosphorescent light
Phosphor Workbench

Use our "lightwriters" to experiment with lighting effects on different types of phosphorescent materials. And, make a frozen shadow!