Explore and experience the amazing properties of sound by creating, seeing, hearing and feeling waves and physical vibrations.

In the Sound Gallery you will find printed copies of our Exploration Learning Guide for parents and caregivers, a resource of prompts and suggestions to support exploration of the gallery's STEAM topic with your child. You can also review and print the Guide here online prior to your visit, and/or after your visit for ideas for post-visit activities and conversations that reinforce learning: Exploration Learning Guide | Sound Gallery.

In this Exhibit

a young girl stands in front of a musical instrument made out of PVC pipes

Make music with flip flops on a unique PVC pipe keyboard instrument designed and built by Concord Academy students.

a young boy pushes air through a french horn and tuba by compressing a large ball that is attached to them through piping
Rubber Ball Music Wall

Make joyful sounds as you squeeze air through cans, jars, reeds, and pipes with this one-of-a-kind musical instrument designed by musician Leonard Solomon.

a family explores using tuning forks, hitting them on a table then dipping in a bowl of water
Tuning Fork Booth

Hear, see, and feel sound vibration as you experiment with tuning forks. 

a young boy stands in front of a mirrored exhibit and drops washers along vertical rods
Washer Falls

Create jingling, tinkling sounds when you drop metal washers down a variety of threaded rods.

a boy gives a thumbs up as he waives his hands over an air harp
Air Harp

Wave your hands and make music! Break invisible light beams to play different instruments from around the world. 

a boy uses wooden drum sticks to make noises on hollow wooden blocks
Percussion Station

Explore the relationship between size and sound as you make music on Temple Blocks, Bass strings, and a Double Bass.

Cuckoo Clock

Turn a handle to move tiny levers and bellows that create familiar two-tone sounds.

Slinky Speaker

Create waves in a long Slinky suspended across the ceiling when you speak, sing, or shout into a microphone.

Bucket Radio

Discover how objects can carry and amplify sound when they are placed a vibrating, but silent, sound post. Hear the music and voices by using makeshift loud speakers.