da Vinci Outdoors

As an artist, scientist, mathematician, and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci studied and sketched a wide variety of subjects. He used his observations to create drawings that made connections between humans and the larger natural world. Explore these da Vinci-inspired exhibits outdoors at the Museum.

Inside at the Museum, visit the da Vinci workshop to design, create, and experiment like da Vinci. 

And while at home, learn more about da Vinci's life, work, and impact through our Discover da Vinci online resources.

In This Exhibit

The Lever

As an inventor and engineer, Leonardo da Vinci studied simple machines, often using them as the building blocks for his innovative machine designs. Explore one such simple machine, the lever, and experience how it can be used to lift or move objects—or people!

a reproduction of da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Vitruvian Man

Visit our 6-foot-tall statue re-creation of one of da Vinci’s most famous sketches—Vitruvian Man. Draw inspiration from da Vinci’s studies of proportion as you investigate the concept of ratios.

two boys sit on a small bridge exhibit

The Bridge

Scramble over a model of Leonardo da Vinci’s ingenious self-supporting bridge. Leonardo designed the bridge to stand without any nails, ropes, or other fasteners, relying on friction and gravity to allow users to cross safely.