Discovery Treehouse

Enter a 550 square foot, rustic treehouse with quirky windows and fun features and activities nestled in a cluster of black birch trees. Touch the gnarly trunks of locust tree corner beams, look down 15 feet through windows set in the crooks of tree branches to get a birds-eye and squirrels-eye view of the trees, woods, and rain garden below. Make observations inside, above, and below with binoculars and other science tools. The treehouse is accessible from an on-grade elevated walkway that accommodates strollers and wheelchairs.

In This Exhibit

Building & Design Zone

Be inspired by the unique structural features of the treehouse and design and build your own creative structures using log blocks and natural materials.

Observation Corner

Experience the view from a unique vantage point 19 feet above the ground! Make weather and seasonal observations through windows set along tree branches and reaching to the floor for easy access by little ones. Use binoculars to look at the woods, trees, rain garden and other features.

Book Nook

Nestle into a cozy corner with special books and puzzles. 

Red Oak Log Slice and Other Woods

Calculate how old a 24" log slice is and find out what rings, lines, and patterns in wood can tell you. Admire the curves and branches in the locust corner beams and the grain in the floorboards made of hardwoods harvested and milled onsite. Compare red oak, white oak, hickory, and black birch boards to one another. 

Changing Activities on the Live-Edge Tables

Be a naturalist, artist, engineer, play games, try changing activities. See natural specimens and be inspired by curiosity cabinets and displays to create your own artistic and scientific displays. Even the live-edge nesting tables are exhibits worthy of observation--custom-built from a 12 foot 36" wide pine slab.