Discovery Woods Nature Playscape

The Nature Playscape surrounding the Discovery Treehouse has an inclusive and accessible design that welcomes children and families of all ages and abilities to play and learn together. Bounce along the wiggly bridge; sway in the nest swing; scale the climbing net; and explore the woodland nook, rain garden, and acres of adjoining forest. Natural spaces are full of wonder, possibility and adventure.

Children in Discovery Woods should be adequately supervised by responsible adults at all times. Discovery Woods is an outdoor museum exhibit about nature play and choosing to take “just right” risks. Adult supervision by you helps kids make choices that are right for their age and ability. Some activities might be for “next time” they come.

In This Exhibit

a young girl stands near a 10' bamboo sculpture of a family of 3 owls

Owl Hollow

Climb through this one-of-a-kind sculpture of three barred owls designed and built out of bamboo and zip ties by local artists Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein, aka The Mythmakers. Barred owls are native to most of the Eastern United States, including Massachusetts, and are active both at night and during the day.

Discovery Garden

Observe—and help—our garden grow throughout the year! In Spring we will plant seedlings and in Summer and Fall appreciate the garden's bounty. Explore the multi-sensory nature (touch, smell, and taste!) of the garden, and with our staff, learn about the elements and organisms that help the garden thrive.

Nest Swing

Climb into a cozy nest swing with a friend or two to swing and watch the sky.

kids play on a suspended cargo net

Cargo Net Climb

Take the shortcut in the hairpin turn of the Adventure Path by climbing across the Cargo Net Climb.

wood sculpture shaped like a honeycomb

Honeycomb Collection Station

Collect, bundle, and sort nature treasures found in Discovery Woods.  Created for us by friend of the Museum, Jim Wu, the Honeycomb cells offer a fun way to store rocks, sticks, pinecones and can provide temporary habitat for helpful native insects.  

Rain Garden

Stand in the middle of a rain garden and observe nature hard at work throughout the seasons. Pollinators buzz from flower to flower in the summer, berries and seeds in the fall provide food for birds and other animals as the weather gets colder, and the rain garden's water loving plants do the important work of filtering the spring rains before they flow into the conservation land.

Great Hill Conservation Trail Head

Pick up a map and continue your adventures and nature exploration into the 182 acre Great Hill Conservation Area.