Free First-Time Parent Membership

Welcome new parents!

This is an exciting time when everything is new, and you and your child are both learning so much—let us support your journey!

Free membership for first-time parents of a child under 18 months

Your membership will let you enjoy free, unlimited visits to Discovery Museum and our Brain Building Together gallery, for children ages 0 to 3 and their caregivers, until your child turns 18 months old.

Dedicated space for ages 0 to 3

A child’s brain develops rapidly from birth to age three. In our Brain Building Together gallery, we’ll make your child’s learning more visible and show you how to best support your child’s brain development at this critical stage—all in a fun and playful way! There is a private infant feeding and nursing space within the gallery.

Membership details

  • It is free.
  • First-time parents with one child (or multiples of the same age) under 18 months are eligible.
  • Membership allows for unlimited free visits to the Museum, member-only hours, and discounts in the Discovery Store, on museum rentals, and at local businesses.
  • The membership will expire at the end of the month your child turns 18 months.

How to register

Please use the link below to complete our Membership Request form. Our membership manager will be in touch to confirm your registration. Please allow one to three weeks for us to process your request. If you submitted an application do not enter a second. 

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