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Camp Gigi, Part 1

Cheryl Beaudoin

Many years ago, two of my friends who are teachers told me how much they loved hosting a “camp” for their grandchildren every summer.  Each fall they would tell me how it had gone, what they did for the week with their grands, and just how much fun they all had!  I loved their stories and knew that camp was something I wanted to do some day when I became a grandmother, and the kids were ready. 

This was the year!  With my two oldest grandchildren now three years old (and potty-trained!), I decided to jump in and organize a week of camp.  I put on my teacher hat and planned a schedule of age-appropriate activities.  I decided to do it for a full week and have their parents drop off their kids to me for an immersive week of summer fun! 

I had a very simple goal for Camp Gigi: to create memories and connections with my oldest grandchildren—between me and each of them, and between each other (they are cousins, not siblings). 

I would call our first camp year a big success!  We cooked, we crafted, we made messes, we cleaned them up, we shared stories, we snuggled. Fun was had by all and both grandkids are still talking about things we did together at Camp Gigi. And I have lots of ideas for things we can do next time.

Stay tuned for more details about how to organize your own camp for your grandchildren in an upcoming post!

And, share your thoughts: Have you had similar times with your grandchildren, even if they weren’t called “camp”? What are your summer memories that you continue to hold on to from childhood?  Are there special connections or activities you did with your grandparents that you’d like to continue with your own grandchildren? Send me your questions, thoughts, and ideas through the comment box below or by email to

Cheryl Beaudoin

Hi, I’m Cheryl: grandmother, retired Kindergarten teacher, longtime friend (and current Board member) of the Discovery Museum—and now, blogger!  As a grandparent, I try to apply what I learned as a teacher about children and their development to strengthen my relationships with my grandchildren and bring them joy. My hope for this blog is to engage with other grandparents in the Museum community to collect and share stories and ideas about the joys—and challenges—of grandparenting, and how we can connect and deepen our relationships with our grandchildren. Please join me in this wonderful journey we are on—I look forward to hearing from you! Use the comment box at the bottom of any blog post or email me at


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