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Leaving Legacy

Cheryl Beaudoin

I frequently think about the kind of “legacy” and memories I will leave with my grandchildren.  I would guess that many grandparents think about this at some point or another. 

For me, this hit close to home when my dad passed away in December.  My dad had seven grandchildren: six boys and that one special girl. 

He was their biggest fan, both on and off the field as they all played sports throughout their younger and high school years; one even played college lacrosse.  Grampy didn’t miss many games—he was always a staple in the stands whether at home field or away.  He and my mom also had a loving, strong, and supportive marriage; they were married just shy of 65 years at his passing.   

After my dad passed, our family gathered and shared great stories and memories of him. We went around in a circle and each grandchild shared one word or phrase that represented Grampy to them, words and phrases such as caring, invested in family, handsome, storyteller, genuine nice guy, raspy voice, husband.   

We wrote my dad’s eulogy as a family. As my son read it at the funeral, my heart felt happy that my dad had provided my children and nephews with such beautiful memories that they will always hold onto.  That appreciation and love showed in their words. 

As I work through the grieving process, I find much comfort in the memories and legacy he left, especially to his grandchildren.  And as I watch my children and nephews also go through that process, I know that they too feel a great comfort that their Grampy loved them unconditionally.   

For all children, as they grow up, to have people in their life they can always count on is so important, and grandparents can provide that to them. I feel blessed that my children have had the opportunity to experience true grandparent love! 

I strive to give that gift to my grandchildren as well.  

What are ways we can provide positive memories to our grandchildren? Are there any special routines/celebrations/activities that you do with your grandchildren that they always look forward to—creating great memories? 

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Cheryl Beaudoin

Hi, I’m Cheryl: grandmother, retired Kindergarten teacher, longtime friend (and current Board member) of the Discovery Museum—and now, blogger!  As a grandparent, I try to apply what I learned as a teacher about children and their development to strengthen my relationships with my grandchildren and bring them joy. My hope for this blog is to engage with other grandparents in the Museum community to collect and share stories and ideas about the joys—and challenges—of grandparenting, and how we can connect and deepen our relationships with our grandchildren. Please join me in this wonderful journey we are on—I look forward to hearing from you! Use the comment box at the bottom of any blog post or email me at


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