Ribbon-cutting for Toys: The Inside Story

Join us at noon as we cut a ribbon to celebrate the opening of our newest exhibit, Toys: The Inside Story! And then, explore the exhibit and learn what makes toys go!

Did you ever want to open an Etch-a-Sketch® to see how it works? Wonder what makes Elmo® dance? Want to see what triggers the buzzer in Operation®? Explore the inside world of toys and the pulleys, cams, gears, circuits, and linkages that make them work. 

Toys: The Inside Story will be located in the Middlesex Savings Bank Community Gallery from January 18 to May 10, 2020.

National Grid Foundation grants Discovery Museum $15,000 for museum field trips and in-school science workshops for Lowell and Lawrence students

ACTON, MA – National Grid Foundation has awarded $15,000 to Discovery Museum to provide in-school Traveling Science Workshops and museum field trips to elementary and middle school students in Lowell and Lawrence for the 2019-2020 school year. Up to 1,000 students will be served through the grant.

Make a Mess: Explore Kinetic Sand

Squish it, sculpt it, drip it, and more! Discover the unique properties of this special material as you play, create, and experiment using your hands and some simple tools.

The Make a Mess program series introduces STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) concepts through sensory-based hands-on experiences, imagination, and fun.

Icy Investigations

Brrrr…Things are getting chilly at the Discovery Museum. Experiment with different types of salt as you explore the unique characteristics of this solid state of water. Add in some liquid watercolors and discover just how cool science can be!

Take Aparts

Are you curious about what’s inside telephones, computers, radios and more? Grab a screwdriver and discover resistors, capacitors, and circuit boards as you uncover the inner workings of everyday electronics.

Update from our CEO, December 2019

Dear Friend of the Museum,

It’s OK for children’s museum staff to love a good party. Especially when the party is all about supporting the programs that make the museum accessible to more families. Recently, we had a great party. At this year’s Discovery Gala, 200 of our friends came together and raised $170,000—our most successful event ever!—to support the many ways we work to make sure we’re here for ALL kids. A few examples of what that means: