Bessie's House: The Diner

Order's Up! "Cook" and serve play food in this diner-style restaurant. Talk and play together as you role play imaginative scenarios and design a delectable meal.

Pretend play helps children process the world in their own way, develop their large and small muscles, and practice important thinking skills. In Bessie's House you will find printed copies of our Exploration Learning Guide for parents and caregivers, a resource of prompts and suggestions to support play and explorations that build literacy skills, foster creative thinking, practice simple math skills, promote social-emotional skills, and make observations about how the world works. You can also review and print the Guide here in one of six languages prior to your visit, and/or after your visit for ideas for post-visit activities and conversations that reinforce learning: 

In This Exhibit

Kitchen with Counter Seating

Put on an apron, fire up the stove, and use your cooking creatitvity to make up your own signature recipe and feed your hungry customers.

Diner Booths

Order off the menu or put in a special request as a customer. Or, take the role of the server--present the menu and bring your diners a treat.

Cash Register

Ring up your customer's bill and collect their payment--is tip included? 

Teddy Bear Diner

Alongside our child-size diner is a miniature booth just for Teddy! Take their order and serve our stuffed bear friends their favorite dish.