Bessie's House: Ship Room

Set sail on the Discovery Ship!

Pretend play helps children process the world in their own way, develop their large and small muscles, and practice important thinking skills. In Bessie's House you will find printed copies of our Exploration Learning Guide for parents and caregivers, a resource of prompts and suggestions to support play and explorations that build literacy skills, foster creative thinking, practice simple math skills, promote social-emotional skills, and make observations about how the world works. You can also review and print the Guide here in one of six languages prior to your visit, and/or after your visit for ideas for post-visit activities and conversations that reinforce learning: 

In This Exhibit

Ship's Wheel and Controls

Captain the vessel by steering the helm and using nautical equipment to guide your course as you look ahead into the museum.

Row Boat

Be the captain of your rowboat, and see what sea life lives in the "waters" around you!

Crow's Nest and Portal

Climb the crow's nest and look out through the wall or roof to make your own sky and weather observations and see what's ahead for your vessel.