Your Discovery Museums Are Changing. Help Us Stay the Same!

Neil Gordon
March 8, 2017
rendering of new building interior space

Your Discovery Museums are about to change a lot…and, not at all.

On March 1, we announced Ready, Set, Build!—the culmination of a campaign through which your museums will become a one-building, fully-accessible museum, and become better able than ever to serve all of the children and families of our region.

Ready, Set, Build! is about sharing our plan and asking everyone to help. As we prepare to expand and renovate the building, add and spruce up exhibits, and throw open our doors even wider, we are asking for support. After many years of hard work on the part of our staff, volunteers, and advisors; after hundreds of thousands of visitors, including parents who grew up here and now bring their children; and with the impact of dozens and dozens of people in our community stepping up to play a role in our success; your Discovery Museums are poised for an exciting new era.

We will look different, but we won’t have changed. As you consider possible reasons to invest, please allow me to suggest these:

  • We celebrate play, because play matters. The Discovery Museums are a safe and stimulating place for playing, exploring and growing.
  • We believe in real stuff as a basis for learning. Our fire alarms need to have signs that say “This is REAL! Please don’t touch this!” because everything else is meant to be hands-on.
  • We stand up for science. We know that exposing kids to STEM ideas at an early age lets them know that exploration, research, inquiry, testing can produce answers to the world’s questions—both small and large. Discovery Museums’ kids grow up to be collaborative problem solvers and thoughtful, creative, and curious leaders.
  • And, we stand up for kids—all kids. We make sure that every kid can get a Discovery Museums experience, regardless of a family’s ability to pay or the child’s learning differences.

We know that you care about this place, and what happens to it. Our new building is just a space, our new exhibits just a tool for learning. The Discovery Museums’ heart and soul and philosophy and “feel”—well, we are as committed as you to keeping those the same!

But we really do need your help. The plan is in place; please be part of the network of support that will make it a reality—this year and beyond. Your museum is here and will remain here, and with your help will reach, teach, and inspire kids for many, many years to come. Thank you.

photo of CEO Neil Gordon standing with treehouse in background
Neil Gordon

I joined the museum in September 2009, and feel lucky to serve this terrific community of kids, families and supporters. After serving as Budget Director for the City of Boston, my museum career began in 1995 at Boston Children’s Museum, where I served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. My priorities for the Discovery Museum include supporting kids and families to play and learn together; expanding outdoor learning; increasing access for underserved populations; and building upon our year history to create a museum for the next 30 years.


We firmly believe in the fundamental value of play for children—and families—to support emotional, developmental, and social health and well-being. This blog will explore why play matters, and touch on all aspects of our work to encourage play and support early STEAM learning.