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young child in a beekeeper's hat
July 1, 2019

[Note: The program described in this post will run again at the Museum on August 15th, 12:00 to 3:00pm.]

“How do bees make honey?”

“Do bees have hands?”

“What makes...

two boys work with translucent geometric shapes at a light table
Caitlin Kiley
May 13, 2019

As I make my way around the museum floor, I see eight students huddled around our three Sand Spinners, focused on the patterns they are creating together. I mentally note that they have been there...

two researchers sit with a child at a table, while his mom looks on
January 14, 2019

By the time they reach preschool age, children are remarkably adept at evaluating others. That is, they understand that someone who shares is more generous than someone who doesn’t share, and that...

two teen volunteers pose in the museum
Molly Bloom
November 28, 2018

I ventured into the Discovery Woods treehouse on a quiet afternoon to find a young visitor building a large tower of KEVA planks with Varun, one of the museum’s Explorers. The tower was high...

a mother and son see themselves in a hinged mirror as they play with geometric shapes
Denise LeBlanc
September 25, 2018

“Look, look, there’s 13 of me!” exclaims a young boy as he peers into a nearly closed Hinged Mirror. “I can’t see you,” says his mom. He opens the mirror wider and there are fewer reflections of...

Jeremy Davis and Denise LeBlanc in Discovery Woods with a Mt. Washington Observatory poster
Denise LeBlanc
August 8, 2018

Like many meteorologists, Jeremy Davis’ love of weather started early.

“It’s science you can see every day. It’s accessible. The meteorologists I know all say they got the bug when they...