Use tools, tinker, design, build, and invent like the artist, scientist, engineer, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Using recycled materials, off-the-shelf supplies, and tools and technology ranging from scissors and saws to electronic circuits and conductive thread, you can design and build diverse creations inspired by the creative thinking and engineering of da Vinci. 

Materials Donations
Creative and industrious visitors go through a great deal of materials as they invent their masterpieces in da Vinci Workshop. We need an ongoing supply of clean, recycled, or new materials that can be drawn on, glued, or reshaped into imaginative or engineered creations! All items will be "quarantined" prior to use by visitors. Please click here for a list of items we request as donations for da Vinci Workshop. Donations can be dropped off at the Admissions desk during business hours. 

Please note that we are no longer accepting donations for our Take Aparts program. 

In this Exhibit

a boy tests out materials to fly on a vertical airstream table

Experiment with aerodynamics principles and engineering concepts at the vertical airstream. Use a variety of materials, design and test prototypes that fly and hover.

a mom and two young girls work with craft supplies while seated at a table
Inventor's Workbenches

Inspired by da Vinci, use your imagination and engineering skills to invent new creations and art using recycled materials.

a young girl turns a crank connected to gears and a pair of wings

Use gears to flap the wings of a model flying machine, inspired by the giant ornithopter that da Vinci designed to test human-powered flight.

a girl places her finger on a spinning disk covered in sand to make a pattern
Sand Spinners

Create unexpected patterns as you draw in the sand on a spinning disk. Use brushes, rods, rakes, and your fingers to form circles, spirals and other surprising shapes.